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Moore·Faust Injury Law Group considers a referral from another attorney to be one the greatest compliments. Over the past 35 years, Moore·Faust Injury Law Group has distinguished itself as one of the premier personal injury law firms in Rapid City, South Dakota, handling a broad range of personal injury cases and securing full compensation for our clients.

Moore·Faust Injury Law Group prides itself on our solid and longstanding relationships with lawyers who refer cases to us in exchange for a percentage of our attorney’s fees earned from that case. A referral from our fellow colleagues is a compliment and we are happy to evaluate any injury claim referral from other attorneys. Perhaps, you have never handled a personal injury case in your career, and are not about to now. But, you want to ensure that person ends up with an established law firm that will obtain the very best results. If you bring that case to us, you are entitled to a referral fee when it is resolved.

We comply with all State Bar rules when entering into referral agreements and we put all referral agreements in writing. Moore·Faust Injury Law Group pay competitive lawyer referral fees for almost all personal injury cases. The referral fee can be adjusted up or down depending on the liability, damages and/or costs of a particular case. We are open to discussing any reasonable proposal by attorneys that would like for us to put our experience and resources to work for their clients. We honor our referral agreements and pay referral fees promptly and without hesitation.

We welcome you to partner with us. You can trust that Moore·Faust Injury Law Group will do the best possible job on behalf of you and your client. We will work with your client and your firm to reach the maximum possible settlement.

Please call us if you have an injured client, friend or associate you want to refer to us. Moore·Faust Injury Law Group wants to do business with you.

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