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Medical Bills

South Dakota/Wyoming/Nebraska

Paying for Treatment

A lot of our clients are initially reluctant to have their health insurance pay their medical bills. Usually they are afraid that it will limit their personal injury settlement, while others believe the responsible party's insurance company should front the cost of their medical treatment.

Our personal injury lawyers want you to know that the only person responsible for your medical bills — before your insurance claim settles — is you. If you are like most people that have health care your health insurance company will handle your medical bills. If you do not have health insurance, our lawyers may be able to set up a medical lien provided you pay for it with your settlement at the end of your case.

You Can Recover Money Your Health Insurance Paid

Generally speaking, you can still recover damages for your medical bills, even if they were paid by your health insurance. The exact amount of money you can recover depends upon your health insurance.

Of course, you may be required to pay back your own health insurance company for anything spent on your behalf. Most health insurance companies have the right of reimbursement — meaning, your insurance company can have you repay them from your settlement for any medical bills they paid on your behalf — if another person is responsible for the car accident that caused your injuries.

Unfortunately, you cannot be paid twice in your settlement for the same medical costs.

So how can you tell if your health insurance company, or anybody, is attempting to recover money from your auto accident settlement? You might receive a letter from your health insurance company — or another company acting on their behalf — asking if another party was responsible for your injury. Don't worry because our experienced personal injury lawyers will help you respond to this in way that benefits your claim.

Your health insurance company contract usually contains a provision in fine print that allows it to recover money out of your settlement. Hospitals and Ambulances may also be allowed to assert a claim against your settlement — meaning their name will appear on your settlement check.

You Can Reduce Your Medical Bill Reimbursement

Our personal injury lawyers work very hard to significantly reduce — if not completely waive — the amount of money you must repay after your settlement.

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