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The prevalence of motorcycle – automobile collisions is alarming. The chance of a collision is far greater when a motorcycle is involved. Automobile drivers simply do not provide the respect to the motorcyclists that they deserve. Worse yet, insurance carriers will use any reason imaginable to avoid full payment of the claim.

Sadly, too many motorcycle operators attempt to settle their claim without the assistance of an injury attorney. Most often, the insurance adjuster handling the claim will pretend to be understanding and appear friendly to the motorcyclist. But, make no mistake about it: the insurance company, in effort to maximize profits, requires the adjuster pay as little as possible.

Injured motorcyclists would always be wise to seek assistance from an attorney experienced with local injury claims. At Moore-Faust Injury Law Group, we have handled hundreds of motorcycle claims, and – since we limit our practice to injury claims – our fees can be less than other attorneys may charge, and, if we handle your injury claim, we will handle your motorcycle damage claim without cost.

Of course, there are attorneys available for hire with less experience or from other states, but there are multiple differences in the law and in the claims process from other states. More importantly, the insurance company carefully scrutinizes the attorney assisting the injured motorcyclist and is aware that an attorney is not familiar with unique aspects of the local law or cannot appear in court. Of course, the out-of-state and high-profile attorneys can call upon the assistance of a local attorney to join in the pursuit of the claim, but few attorneys wish to share the fee with a local attorney and most often, therefore, are reluctant to do so.

An experienced local attorney knows the unique aspects of the law best, and being able to proceed with court action, can best pursue the greatest recovery for the injured motorcyclist.

The motorcycle accident lawyers at Moore-Faust Injury Law Group have extensive knowledge in the area of motorcycle accidents, and have successfully represented clients who have been involved in motorcycle accidents. You may be able to recover monetary compensation for your injuries, property damage, future losses, medical expenses, and other related damages.

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