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Injury Insurance Claim Settlement Calculator

As best possible, our effort is to provide you an estimate of the approximate value of your injury claim relating to motor vehicle and traffic accidents. The injury settlement estimate does not apply to other various insurance claims. We will provide a rough estimate of how much you might receive on your claim. The estimate will not be exact. The attempt is only to provide a rough estimate. The information you submit is a large part of the basis an attorney can use in estimating the value of your claim. When you call us and describe what happened, we can make a better estimate of the value of the case. After all, the more we learn about your injury claim, the better we can estimate its value. In any event, any estimate we provide is approximate.


In a traffic claim, the two (2) elements are liability and damages. Was the other party careless that caused you to be hurt? These are separate elements. Without fault there are no damages recoverable. If carelessness or fault can be established, you proceed to the question of what were your injuries and how these injuries have caused you economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages are things for which you paid lost monies or owe money, examples include medical bills, lost income and cost of care. Examples of non-economic damages include pain and suffering, emotional distress, inconvenience, loss of quality of life, consortium and disability.


Injury can be a term used to encompass all of your "damages." We place an approximate value, in dollars, on non-economic and economical damages. The difficult part, of course, is the non-economic damages.

Determining Fault

It’s possible you have no claim. In contributory negligence states, of which South Dakota is currently one, if you were more than slightly at fault, you cannot recover from the other party. In comparing relative fault, the degree and extent of the other driver is paramount. It’s important you are aware that, depending on fault issues, your recovery can be limited and the estimator will not give you as accurate a result. The estimator assumes the other party’s liability can be proven. That is sometimes more difficult than it may seem.

South Dakota Personal Injury Attorney

Moore•Faust Injury Law Group is a South Dakota Group of Personal Injury Attorneys. First, we only directly handle personal injury cases. Second, it means we most often know what we’re talking about as lawyers and the estimator is based on real experience.

The Accident Estimator

Our estimates do not form an attorney-client relationship. You can not expect that what the estimator says is actually what you will receive. If it was that easy no one would need accident lawyers. We wouldn’t need insurance company defense lawyers. We still expect insurance adjusters to discount your claim no matter what is deemed to be due. But it’s not that easy, and that’s why the estimator can only provide a rough value of your injury claim. And, the more we know about your insurance injury claim the more accurate we can be in estimating the approximate value of your claim.

Use our free Injury Insurance Claim Settlement Calculator

A personal injury insurance claim estimate cannot be determined with any degree of accuracy online (sorry!)- an attorney has to personally review your unique case details to calculate your potential compensation. By using our service and providing your personal contact information, you agree that an attorney from Moore•Faust Law Group may contact you about your case by any method of communication. The good news is that we can do so without charge for that initial consultation and preliminary insurance injury claim estimate. By submitting your information, you are requesting that we provide a free estimate of your claim value after confidentially reviewing all accident and injury details with you by email or phone.

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