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Sampling of Personal Injury Claim Results

The Moore·Faust Injury Law Group beings more than 25 years of experience to the table on behalf of our clients together, we have handled more than 1,000 personal injury insurance claims. We have obtained millions of dollars in compensation for victims who were seriously injured or lost their life by the carelessness of others in car crashes and other accidents.*

*Recoveries in all cases depend on various factors and circumstances which are unique in each case. Therefore, past results are not a guarantee or prediction of similar results in future cases which the Moore·Faust Injury Law Group and its lawyers may undertake.

Past Recovery Amounts

  • Vehicle Collision - $750,000
    Client was hit head-on on a highway by another driver, causing severe injury to the femur resulting in multiple surgeries.
  • Semi-truck collision - $660,000
    The driver of a semi-truck failed to yield to our client causing a collision in an intersection. Client had a large wage loss claim as well as surgical injuries.
  • Vehicle collision - $200,000
    Rear-ended while stopped in traffic. Client suffered cervical disk protrusions that required surgical intervention.
  • One Vehicle Rollover - $325,000
    Driver of vehicle lost control on a roadway, ejecting the client causing severe injuries. Client was transported from the scene by air ambulance.
  • Vehicle Collision - $227,500
    Client was rear-ended on the interstate with serious injuries.
  • Vehicle Collision - $174,120
    Client struck in intersection when driver disregarded the traffic signal. The insurance company initially offered the client $2,000.00 before hiring our firm. Client needed a lumbar discectomy.
  • Motorcycle/Vehicle collision - $190,000
    Client operating a motorcycle struck by driver backing out of a private drive. The impact ejected the client off the motorcycle causing the client severe injuries and a permanent damage to the shoulder.
  • Vehicle Collision - $180,952
    Driver of a pickup lost control and collided with the vehicle in which the client was a passenger. Client underwent multiple surgeries and extensive physical therapy for their injuries.
  • Vehicle Collision - $171,864
    Client was rear-ended on a highway when the other driver was following too closely in adverse weather conditions. Client was on the job at the time of the collision and was able to recovery for his workers compensation claim as well additional monies on a personal injury claim.
  • Vehicle Collision - $195,000
    Driver rear-ended client while client was turning into a driveway. Client suffered a severe humerus fracture that required surgical intervention as well as some loss of function in her hand.
  • Vehicle Collision - $250,000
    Client was injured in a motor vehicle collision which resulted in a spinal injury and surgery.
  • Semi Collision - $210,000
    on Interstate 90, resulting in numerous injuries, with resulting surgery.
  • Vehicle Collision - $170,000
    Client was injured in a motor vehicle collision with injury resulting in surgery and need for rehabilitation.

Multiple six figure settlements to motor vehicle collision victims with neck/back, shoulder and/or knee injuries.

Multiple policy limit settlements where all available insurance was paid to injury victims.

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